Brazilian Military is on its way to become the greatest in the world


Brazil’s armed forces are the second largest in the Americas, after the United States, and the largest in Latin America by the level of military equipment, with 334,500 active-duty troops and officers. Those numbers are impressive but what is even more impressive is the fact that they aren’t stopping in the near future. FAB is on the wave, growing as we speak, and what better person to talk about it than Brazil’s very own Sergio Kato.

Seeing the growth first-hand

Sergio comes from a military family. He followed his father’s footsteps and served in the Brazilian Air Force in his youth. He remembers those days very vividly and mentions how they have impacted him and made him who he is today. Although it happened decades ago, Sergio never regretted his decision to enter the armed forces and gladly tells about all the things he has learned and the brothership he has built with his fellow soldiers.

He is especially fond of talking about all the growth he has seen throughout the years. After first joining the Military and spending there a couple of years, it was already much different from what he saw when he put on his uniform for the very first time. It is especially true now, after all those decades, that FAB is rapidly growing, and Sergio is very excited to see where it will go next.

The change

New strategic culture is emerging as Brazil is modernizing its military even further, making it ready for the world of tomorrow. With its impact everywhere where we look in society, from religion to social habits, it was bound to have a say in the world of the military where it influences the policymakers and people able to influence those decisions to see war, peace, and how they want to achieve the results that are best for their countries.

Scholars have been expanding in this area with many grants and strategic behavior aimed to incentivize the population to contribute to the growth of the military and help the nation gain its position in the world. While today this growth can be blocked by some of the biggest forces, such as the US, Russia, and China, the future looks bright for Brazil, which is constantly overcoming the hurdles into the new world.

Stronger than ever

Brazilian military and especially the Air Forces are now in their prime. That peak is constantly moving higher up as new solutions are being developed, many of which are proprietory to the country of Brazil, making it stronger than ever with solutions that other nations will not only envy but also won’t be able to get. This will set Brazil up for success in the international world, opening doors for new possibilities that were once deemed impossible.

This creates a unique position for Brazil on the international stage, where it is slowly regaining the position it deserves. Although there is still some work to be done not only by the highest officials but also by the ordinary people of Brazil, in a couple of years, we will be speaking of the country as the world’s largest power it strives to once become, believes Kato.

Entering 2021

War isn’t the same as it was decades or even a couple of years before. Because the landscape is changing, the solutions available in this area have to change accordingly to accommodate those changes and make it possible for an army to thrive and remain the force it is today for the decades to come. Brazil sees the potential of technologies of the future becoming even more prominent and has implemented some of them, allowing its personnel gets access to the best equipment in the world, some of which even the most advanced countries in the world still lack.

Those solutions include countering cyberattacks, and especially cyberterrorism which has made its way into the world in the last years, killing more and more people. To put a stop to this destructive force, Brazilian officials have decided to step forward to the future and prepare for the dangers it holds to be ready to counter them before they strike. This is the new way of the military – not fighting the problem but eliminating the possibility of it occurring in the first place.

Sergio is optimistic

In 2020, the FAB was rated as the most powerful air force in the air force comparison of the countries around the world. The first 36 fighter jets bought from Sweden are on the way, and Sweden’s Saab is constantly delivering new solutions to the Brazilian Air Force, helping it become the biggest force in the world. Although it might seem that Brazil now relies on foreign solutions, this is about to change as the ways of doing things are constantly being developed.

Sergio is very happy about the news of the Swedish jets as well as the fact that FAB will soon start producing its own solutions, becoming more independent from other countries and gaining more and more freedom in the military world. He believes this is the way to become the greatest power in the world and is hoping that one day Brazil will become one. This will give them much more room in the political world, allowing the country and its people to grow even stronger.

The bottom line

Brazil is one of the biggest armed forces in the world now. This is a fact that many scholars have constantly proven, being in awe of the army Brazil has built. With what they have done over the last couple of decades and especially years, the last years, Brazil is on the right track, and Sergio wishes it remains so for many more decades to come, with his beloved country surpassing its rivals and allies and then pushing forward even further, getting away from others and becoming an undefeatable force in the world of military, politics and much more.

The new Brazilian FAB fighter: Aircraft destined for the Swedish Air Force, of the same model as  acquired by Brazil-Saab



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