Kelekshen the comics manga platform powered by blockchain NFTs introduces pay to read and fixes digital comic value-appreciation.


Winston Salem, NC, United States, 17th Oct 2022, Action Comics #1—a single issue “book” from 1938 features the first-ever appearance of Superman. It is among the most valuable comic books in history. So, what makes a comic book valuable? Several criteria are used to determine just how valuable a comic is or has the potential to become, such as limited availability, the popularity of the creator, film or TV adaptation of the story and characters, and the condition of the comic. Action Comics #1 Sold for $3 million in 2014. This type of value appreciation is only possible due to scarcity. 

However, with the increased popularity of comics from record-breaking movies like Avengers and Black Panther, publishers have printed more books to meet that demand. Meanwhile, the comic industry continues to grow towards digital comics with no way to verify supply, the lack of scarcity has become a major problem that kills  the value appreciation aspects of comics in digital format. Making the possibility of sales such as Action Comics #1 for $3M not probably with a digital release. This is the main problem that Kelekshen a new comic and manga platfgorm powered by blockchain NFT technology is fixing for the comic book industry. 

Total revenues from comic book trading totaled $1,048,922,897 USD since 2001 showing the power of the comic book secondary market that is ready to be streamlined by NFT blockchain technology. 

Kelekshen is building the web 3.0 home for the comic book community, bringing all the benefits of  blockchain NFT technology to the comic book world. The distinct characteristics of NFTs allow digital media to be verifiably scarce and unique. The Kelekshen platform empowers creators and collectors to leap into the next century of comics. Using NFTs the Kelekshen marketplace enables artist and publishers to launch new digital comics. Comic fans can buy, read, collect and trade in the marketplace that is built to maintain scarcity, uniqueness and exclusivity. There are some pretty amazing benefits for both artist and fans of comics. Pay to play have become huge in blockchain games now Kelekshen is introducing a Pay to Read feature that intends to drive interest in comics much like it did for gaming. Comic book publishers and collectors can manage their digital comics while monetization their passions on the platform. 

There are many amazing comic artists out there most of them displaying their work on platforms like instagram for likes and shares. Some indiepent artists have become very popular on social media. By brining their creativity to the Kelekshen platform they are able to generate life long royalties from fans buying and selling their books with each other as the pouplartity of their comic creations grow. Kelekshen also offers a  launchpad for new comics, artists can get paid everytime someone reads their comic. Comic creators can also drop exclusitve access and offers for loyal fans. Most importantly value appreciation for readable digital comics will now be possible. The main difference between normal books and comic books is that comic books are suppose to increase in value over time while normal books aren’t expected to. 

The platform empowers comic book creators with an unparalleled level of tools to engage with the owners and readers of their content across the blockchain. A fully list of all the benefits and features were released in the Kelekshen whitepaper available on their website  The Kelekshen platform empowers comic book creators and collectors to leap into the next century of comics. 

The Kelekshen founder A.D. Largie envisions a future were digital comics is superior and even more valuable than physical comics. “Your comics are always in mint condition, cannot be stolen, lost or damaged. You can buy, sell or read them anytime or even get paid to let others read the comics you own.” says A.D. Largie, a comic book creator himself who is releasing his original 7 part series along with the platform launch. He’s inviting comic book artist and publishers large and small to join him on the cutting edge of this change. The platform has opened partnership applications for a select group of artists who will get early access to the platform to feature their comics for the platform launch. Interested artist may reaching on the website. 

The startup is disrupting a 125 year old industry and brining it into the future. The list of new functionalities for comics gained through NFT technology is enough to change the landscape of how readers engage with comics and manga forever. The comic book world has given birth to the world’s most popular, movies, and games. But the comic book multiverse is much bigger and broader than the Marvel and DC universes. Kelekshen gives fans world wide a central place to find what’s next in comics. Where they can discover the next spider man, the next black panther, the next superman or batman before they become iconic. The Kelekshen marketplace levels the playing field for large and small comic and manga publishers and fans. 

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